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A Crazy Job Change

A Crazy Job Change August 18, 20195 Comments

This is the story of my mission to find new experiences and explore places near and far from me. Along the way I will be trying to find some really good chocolate cake. And of course seek out the meaning of...well...everything

Shortly after starting this blog I was offered a job in Abu Dhabi. A big change for me but a good opportunity. Still there follows a story a crazy job change.

What followed the interview was a stressful period of waiting. First for them to get back to me with an provisional offer. Next step; process the paperwork. They needed me to get my degree certificate attested. Which is a system many gulf states use to check certificates are valid. This has to be done in the country of issue. For me this meant sending my certificate to the UK. My certificate got held up somewhere in the post and I ended up ordering a replacement.

The next step was a series of security checks and government approvals. So more waiting. Then they wanted a high quality photo. A very frustrating point for me because it took a few days to sort out and I thought could have been done earlier if I had received the request sooner. Eventually the visa came through and now I could finalise the plans for my crazy job change.

I was actually in Dubai at the time. I was travelling to the UK for a conference. Knowing the visa might come through I had already made arrangements so that it would not be necessary to return to South Africa before starting the new job. It was still a crazy dash to change my plans. Insanely difficult to change my airline ticket so that instead of flying back to Cape Town via Dubai I could simply stay in the UAE. Eventually I had to buy a new ticket. So frustrating.

Living in Abu Dhabi is very different to anywhere else I have lived. It is of course a fairly conservative, Muslim and Arabic city which is very different to living in Cape Town.

Abu Dhabi taken from Saadiyat Island.

A trip out thanks to my crazy job change
A Crazy Job change led to a trip to Saadiyat Island

This move should give me a chance to start developing a guide to living in the UAE. Hopefully along the way I will find good chocolate cake and well…the Answer to Everything