“O Deep Thought computer,” he said, “the task we have designed you to perform is this. We want you to tell us….” he paused, “The Answer.”
“The Answer?” said Deep Thought. “The Answer to what?”
“Life!” urged Fook.
“The Universe!” said Lunkwill.
“Everything!” they said in chorus.
Deep Thought paused for a moment’s reflection.
“Tricky,” he said finally.
“But can you do it?”
Again, a significant pause.
“Yes,” said Deep Thought, “I can do it.”
“There is an answer?” said Fook with breathless excitement.
“Yes,” said Deep Thought. “Life, the Universe, and Everything. There is an answer. But, I’ll have to think about it.”

Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 

About Me

As part of my mission to make the most of life I recently moved from Cape Town to Abu Dhabi.

This blog will allow me to share some of the things that happen to me as a stumble through life.  Right now that includes trying figure out how to cope in a relatively conservative Arabic part of the world.  For some the region may seem scary but for me there are still some great adventures to be had.  Somewhere along the way I am hoping to find good chocolate cake and well…the Answer to Everything

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