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Gardening Update – Green Shoots

Gardening Update – Green Shoots April 5, 20201 Comment

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potatoes growing green shoots during chit out

I am very excited to see green shoots staring to appear from some of the seeds I planted.  So it makes sense that today’s blog is a gardening update.

I planted 6 strawberry plants last week but sadly it seems that 2 were trampled in the night.  There are two that are just about hanging in there but I am not sure they will survive for long.  On the plus side there are two plants that show signs of promise.  So I am optimistic that by the summer there will be some home grown strawberries.

Green shoots have already started appearing in the egg box where I planted my leeks last week.

And the lime basil from the week earlier.

Sadly it seems that the rosemary and mint I planted has not taken root.  The compost disk I used sloped a bit and with small light seeds I think they were all washed away at some point.  I have however cheated and bought a mint plant from the local supermarket and I have plans to buy more herbs and a plant pot so hopefully that will mean I am sorted for nice fresh herbs.

The potatoes I left to chit out are doing well.  They should be ready to plant next weekend.  I have started clearing a space for them in the garden but it will be easier if I can a full sized fork to dig up a decent size area.  The instructions say should have done this last November.  Ooops.  Oh well I will just have to do what I can.

Signs that at least some of my plants are doing well is making me feel more hopeful that later in the year I will be enjoying some of the plants I have been growing.  I hope friends in the area and work colleagues like leeks, potatoes and strawberries.

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