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It’s Like Riding a Bike

It’s Like Riding a Bike March 24, 2020Leave a comment

This is the story of my mission to find new experiences and explore places near and far from me. Along the way I will be trying to find some really good chocolate cake. And of course seek out the meaning of...well...everything

a pink vintage style ladies bike with a basket

It’s like riding a bike is a very common saying for skills that once learnt we never forget.  Buying a bike a few weeks ago got me thinking about this phrase and how it reflects my recent move to the UK.

One of my objectives with moving to the UK is to try and avoid buying a car.  Especially as the public transport is fairly good.  Alternatively I figured that a bike could be a good way to get around.  A few weeks after moving into my new place I realised that I was putting off buying a bike.  That perhaps I was nervous about the idea.  This started to make sense when I calculated how long it was since I had even ridden a bike.

Then, a few weeks ago, I found myself near a second hand bike shop that I had been meaning to visit for a while so I decided to check it out.  It wasn’t long before I was persuaded to try out out one of the bikes.  And as the saying goes it wasn’t long before I was happily cycling up and down the street.  I wouldn’t go as far as saying whizzing but definitely feeling more comfortable about buying a bike.  After thinking about it for a few days I returned to the shop and a bike.  I bought one with extra security features for parking near an engineering building.

As I headed home I started home I started to think about how relevant the phrase “It’s like riding a bike” really is.  How returning to the UK felt comfortable just like riding a bike.  I started thinking of a post about comparing my life here to that in that in the UAE.  A lot has changed in a few short weeks.  That post no longer feels right.

Even with the global crisis I still feel more comfortable in the UK that in other places I have lived.  Which is part of why I am still debating the wisdom of staying in my house, on my own, or risking the trip back to South Africa to be with my family.

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