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Then Everything Changed

Then Everything Changed November 19, 2019Leave a comment

This is the story of my mission to find new experiences and explore places near and far from me. Along the way I will be trying to find some really good chocolate cake. And of course seek out the meaning of...well...everything

A collection of dice representing uncertainty

A job paying enough for a few luxuries, a few good friends and a nice boyfriend. Is that too much to ask? I thought I was finally getting there and then things changed. Now it seems like my life is characterized by randomness and uncertainty. Still perhaps not as bad as Arthur Dent’s misadventures adrift in a universe characterized by randomness and absurdity

I was starting to feel settled in the UAE. I finally felt like I was getting the hang of things and starting to plan for the future. I felt confident enough to buy a new car and was starting to look for a good hobby to meet people.

Then everything changed. I was asked to meet the big boss. The company is struggling financially and staff still on probation were their first target. IN the UAE it is easy to terminate a probation contract. Either party only has to give a day’s notice and no payouts are required. So that was it. Apart from some admin I was done. Suddenly life became more chaotic, characterized by randomness and uncertainty.

I keep telling myself this is a good thing, a common sentiment. Still the fact that I kept putting off this post means I am still not completely convinced. And it does make me feel better than I should admit when I hear of more redundancies at my company.

Right now I am living in Dubai. I have received some fantastic support. I figured one of the positives would be more time to spend on this blog. Still one of the first things I did was contact my former employer and it turns out he had some work I could do remotely. Life is still busy doing some work, looking for a job, sorting out things here and socialising on evenings and weekends.

One key question is where do I focus my job search. I feel that there is no future for me in South Africa, my experiences in the UAE have been very mixed so perhaps the UK makes the most sense. Once more my life is chaotic and uncertain. There is definitely a lot of randomness in job hunting.

There is one very big positive in all of this. It has been very good for the most important relationship in my life. I am sure that in time things will work out.

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