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Reflecting on 2019

Reflecting on 2019 January 26, 20203 Comments

This is the story of my mission to find new experiences and explore places near and far from me. Along the way I will be trying to find some really good chocolate cake. And of course seek out the meaning of...well...everything

Well it is nearly a year since I started this blog and so much has changed so it seems like a good time for reflecting on 2019.  When started I was living in South Africa and dealing with load shedding.  I thought blogging would be a good distraction.

Shortly after I got a job in Abu Dhabi and moved to the UAE.  Life was very busy adapting to a new job and a new country.  No time for blogging.  Frustrating because there were some good stories to share and I figured many women would be interested in life in the UAE.  I finally found time for a few blogs during a holiday in South Africa.

Then I returned to the UAE.  I was finally starting to feel settled and getting the hang of the job.  Then I was made redundant.  I went to stay in Dubai.  I thought finally I will have time to catch up on some stories and certainly I managed to find time to publish a few about life in the UAE.  Yet somehow life stayed busy.  I had to look for a new job and clean out my place in Abu Dhabi.  I also managed to get some work for my previous employer in South Africa.   While I managed to do a few posts I still struggled to catch up with the backlog of posts I had in mind.  I had some great experiences including a trip up the Burj Khalifa.

Lights from the buldings below from the Burj Khalifa.  Part of reflecting on 2019

The job hunting paid off and I was offered a job in Nottingham, UK.  My focus shifted to the move to the UK.  Even a trip back to South Africa did not offer much time for blogging.  The backlog of posts has been growing steadily.

View of a street in Nottingham as part of reflecting on 2019

Since the start of this blog I have held 4 different jobs and lived in 3 different countries.  It is interesting reflecting on 2019 and everything that has happened.  It has been a crazy year so a bit of stability would be nice.  But where to go with this blog?  I need to  decide if I will renew the domain for another year and keep blogging – I think I will.  And the backlog of posts, I can’t really remember the details and I am not really interesting in writing them – I think it is time for a fresh start.  (I could always write the odd one when life here gets a bit boring.)

I’m not sure that writing about life in Nottingham will be very exciting but I guess we will have to see what happens next.